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Focaccia Bread Recipe – Finally!

Thoughts on making focaccia.  Here is the Focaccia bread recipe I’ve been using for focaccia with abysmal results.  Not sure why I’ve been so stubborn, the recipe book clearly says that if it’s two stiff to add more liquid and if it’s too thin to add more solids…   I think it’ s because every other recipe in her book has been perfect or nearly perfect and has needed very little, if any, adjustment.  Here’s the recipe:

Focaccia Bread Recipe

Dough (2 large;  23 – 24 oz before cooking) [click to continue…]


Repair Weber Summit Gold Igniter

Replacement _Kit

Repair Weber Summit Gold Igniter. The igniter on my grill stopped working and when you see the attached picture you’ll understand why.  The whole assembly had corroded away and there was no way to sufficiently contain the gas so that the spark could ignite the gas and therefor the burner.  This repair required probably no more time than buying and installing the full repair kit.  Granted, this is only one new part, but that’s all that was broken… [click to continue…]


LED CFL light comparison

Power On

CFL Lights take more than a minute to go from off to full intensity. Here I show the time. Also you can see an aberration of the LED light that it requires about a sixth of a second to turn on…
Watch the light turn on

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Baked Brie Puff Pastry “Bomb”

baked brie bomb

A wonderful hor’s d’ouevere, this delightful cheese concoction is extremely easy to make and sure to be a hit at any party.  Puff pastry encapsulates the brie and  fruit preserves as they are baked to heavenly

Learn to make Puff Pastry wrapped Brie


Making Milk on Your Own

Making milk

Making Milk

Saving space in the refrigerator. If you like one type of milk and someone else in the house likes another type and someone else another, that’s lot of bottles of milk. Lots to buy, lots to store, lots to go bad. Here I’ll show you a [click to continue…]