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I’ll show you how to make your own soldering iron tip cleaner using parts from the hardware store and grocery store. The simplest thing to use is to use an old (or New) sponge. I used one for years and years. Recently I graduated to a “new & improved” tip cleaner.

I made my “new & improved” version last year. What you need is a copper [click to continue…]


Build Your Own Soldering Iron Controller

Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Controller

solder1 solder1a

In this post, I’ll show you how to build your own adjustable temperature soldering iron controller. This will be similar to any of the stations you see that do not have a feedback circuit or loop. This means that you can change the temperature but [click to continue…]


Why Wear Safety Glasses?

Why Wear Safety Glasses When Soldering

wear safety glasses


Well, to be safe. You have only two eyes and they are relatively fragile. I wear safety glasses religiously, but not always. One of the few times that I didn’t I’ve been gently “nudged” by the good Lord that I 


How Big is a Drop

I have a new business venture manufacturing and selling an all natural shaving oil.  It is particularly great for travelers and folks that work in the field.  (think military, fish & game, etc.) dropIn trying to figure out how much of the shaving oil to use when shaving I did some experimentation.  I had a bottle with a dropper tip that I bought on Amazon.  About the only specifications that they provided were the size of the bottle both from a volumetric as well as a height and diameter standpoint.  They did not specify the size of the drops. Also, to determine how long a bottle would last, I needed to  [click to continue…]

Bring Off-Screen Windows Back to Desktop-02

Do you use two monitors at one location and log into your computer remotely with only one monitor? Have you ever connected your laptop to a secondary monitor and then disconnected without remembering to move the windows back to the primary desktop, you’ve probably encounted this problem:

The application is running. You can see it in the taskbar, but you can’t Click for the Shortcut