Backpack “Refrigerator” provides menu variety

Add Menu Variety with a Backpack Refrigerator

Ever wonder how to keep things cold while backpacking without making someone carry a bulky chest full of ice?  This backpack refrigerator is helpful if you want to prepare a wider variety of foods on your trips.  It adds no weight or bulk to your backpack.  I’ve used this on several outings and have had great success.  This isn’t a panacea for long trips but will work on an overnight and will probably work on up to a three-day, two-night trip.  That is, of course, if you don’t mind the added weight of fresh food. [click to continue…]

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Camp Jambalaya is Amazing in Simplicity and Flavor

Why Amazing Camp Jambalaya?

The idea for camp Jambalaya came with the latest hiking/backpacking campout with my son and other Scouts. To see why it’s called amazing camp Jambalya, you’ll have to read to the end. I volunteered to cook dinner for the “geezers” of which I am probably the geeziest. I needed an interesting meal to satiate us and not be incredibly complex to prepare.  Stews, chili, casseroles and other single pot meals poured through my head.  I searched the internet for ideas.   Then it struck me:   [click to continue…]


Camp Pan Biscuits

Why pan biscuits?

In preparing my dinner meal plan for a backpacking outing to Big Basin state park with the scouts, I wanted to offer a little more than a one pot stew (which turned into Jambalaya) for us “geezers”.  Pan biscuits seemed like a decent addition.

Remember, every pan used is one you have to clean (means wash and rinse water).  At our campsite we had to go a little over a tenth of a mile down to the water source and pump and then haul every bit of it (a pints a pound the world around) back UP the hill and at the end of a day’s hike it seemed more like 2 or 3 pounds per pint… [click to continue…]

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Install bulkhead fitting in drum

tank discharge connection

Probably the trickiest part of my laundry graywater system was to install bulkhead fitting in the drum.  You need to be sure and get a bulkhead fitting that is threaded on both the inside (where you’ll install the close nipple) and on the outside (where you tighten down the retaining nut).  I recommend that you be sure the fitting has two gaskets so you can have one on both the inside and outside of the drum.

It’s really pretty simple to install bulkhead fitting in drum once you know [click to continue…]

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Charcoal chimney lighting

I use a charcoal chimney to light the charcoal grill when I’m using my smokey joe as either a straight up grill, or when I convert it to full on smoker usage.  I’ve started my charcoal with an electric starter and with lighter fluid, but I prefer the charcoal chimney the most.

I’ve been using the charcoal chimney for years but [click to continue…]