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Build your own BBQ smoker

completed BBQ smoker

In this post I’ll describe and show you how to build a BBQ smoker. Smokers are designed to cook the food slowly, at a (relatively) low temperature. Convert your Weber Smokey Joe into a small volume BBQ smoker.  I can fit three or four whole chickens in mine.  The limiting item is [click to continue…]


Home Water Conservation is Easy to Do

Navy Shower

Home Water Conservation

The focus of this article will be on home water conservation. If you have landscaping, i.e. lawn, shrubs, trees etc. that will likely be your biggest use of water if you don’t live in an area blessed with year round rain. One of the biggest uses of water in the home is [click to continue…]


Do you use your bicycle for commuting or transportation, not just recreational riding?  Do you struggle with how or where to park your bike? Wouldn’t it be easier with a bicycle parking brake? I’ve got a simple solution I’ve been using for years, [click to continue…]


Navy Helicopter Landing

Happy 4th of July 2015

As a tribute to our men and women serving to protect us I thought I’d post a couple of videos of helicopter landings aboard ship.  The Night one is much more impressive. Watch Videos


Soldering Tips and Techniques

Here are a few tips and techniques, nothing magical, but perhaps insightful related to soldering:

Tips & Techniques [click to continue…]