Grid Square: CM97bf

 37° 13′ 59” N   37.23306
 121° 53′ 35” W  -121.8931


W6LSN is the callsign assigned to me by the Federal Communications Commission. I requested it after my grandfather, Albert K. Mealey passed away. He was the original holder of the callsign. I was first licensed in August of 1973 as WN3VHS. I upgraded to General Class in April of 1974, my callsign became WA3VHS. In April 1975 I upgraded to Advanced class. I upgraded to Extra Class in November, 1999 just in time for the FCC to lower the code requirement from 20wpm to 5wpm!

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QSL cards.  After contact is made between two operators, they often exchange confirmation of the contact in the form of a postcard.  In the upper right corner of most pages, you’ll see various cards that I’ve collected over the years.  Most are contacts that I’ve made, but some are from the club stations that I’ve been a member of:

  • WA3SFN in Mechanicsburg, PA was the first club I was associated with and was where I operated as a Novice, General and Advanced class operator.  Two tries to get the code test for Novice in August of 1973.  I had to skip a day of class in high school with my buddy to go to Baltimore with his mom to take our General exams in April 1974.  A year later I drove myself and passed the Advanced class exam. We and several others “built” the shack. It was going to be an 8 x 16ft closet we were able to get permission to convert it to the shack. We helped do everything from running coax, electrical wires, putting up the walls, painting, etc. The only thing we weren’t allowed to do was to make the electrical tie-ins or use the “gun” that shot the fasteners into the cement floor of the building. What a lot of fun!
  • WA4USN (NNNØTFL) is the callsign of the club station on the aircraft carrier Yorktown that is now located in Patriot’s Point South Caronlina which is near Charleston.  NNNØTFL (The Fighting Lady) is the Navy MARS callsign and uses the ships nickname. We started the restoration of the ships radio room which is on display and installed a 2 meter repeater on the 09 or 010 level where the radar equipment was located.
  • W3ADO (NNNØNNN) is the club station at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  I helped restore the station to full operating capacity, repairing and aligning the 4 Collins S-Line transmitters with the help of a Navy ET1 also an Amateur operator that was stationed at the VLF transmitter stationed across the Severn river. After that we traded in two of the S-lines for a new, solid state, Icom radio. One of the S-lines had serial numbers that dated to 1957, older than me!  Refurbishing the 40M beam and the HF tribander.  I was club President for a year and a half.
  • K4AF (NNNØPNT) the Pentagon Amateur Radio Club, is located on the 5th floor of the Pentagon and is sponsored primarily by the Air Force.  While at that club, I helped get the 45ØMHz repeater up and running by retuning the duplexer and helping reprogram the ID’er.  We all spent an afternoon on the roof getting the antenna installed. When used for DOD purposes the stations callsign become WAR. It used to also have the callsign AIR if used for Air Force purposes and WAR was for Army.

+Dan Hinz

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