Charcoal chimney lighting

I use a charcoal chimney to light the charcoal grill when I’m using my smokey joe as either a straight up grill, or when I convert it to full on smoker usage.  I’ve started my charcoal with an electric starter and with lighter fluid, but I prefer the charcoal chimney the most.

I’ve been using the charcoal chimney for years but only recently did someone suggest this method of using it to start the fire.  Anyone who knows how to use a charcoal chimney knows that the standard method of employment is to simply wad up one or two pieces of newsprint in the bottom of the unit, turn it upright and place it in the grill, add charcoal to the top and then light the fire with a match.   After about two or three minutes the news print burns up and the charcoal is smoldering.  Within ten to twenty minutes the charcoal is fully lit (sometimes it can take close to 30 minutes)  you then dump the coals out I’m the grill and after another ten minutes you can cook.

If you don’t get the newsprint loaded properly you might have to add another crumpled piece of newsprint to the charcoal chimney.

I have a paperless method that lights much more reliably. I wish I could take credit for the idea but some mentioned the trick to me.  It is elegantly simple and works like a charm.

If you have a gas grill with a side burner you can use this method. The next time you want to use your charcoal grill.  Review the two photos below to see what you do when lighting your charcoal chimney.


Step 1 is to remove the surface/stand that the pans rest on.

Step 2 is to light the burner

step 3 is to place the fully loaded charcoal chimney on tithe burner.  within about 2 – 3 minutes the chimney will be smoldering and can go in the grill to fully light.

You should be able to pick up a charcoal chimney at just about any hardware store for $20 or less. If not, below you can buy a charcoal lighter on line if you want.

Please let me know if your find this tip useful.

Charcoal chimney Charcoal chimney
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