Install bulkhead fitting in drum

tank discharge connection

Probably the trickiest part of my laundry graywater system was to install bulkhead fitting in the drum.  You need to be sure and get a bulkhead fitting that is threaded on both the inside (where you’ll install the close nipple) and on the outside (where you tighten down the retaining nut).  I recommend that you be sure the fitting has two gaskets so you can have one on both the inside and outside of the drum.

It’s really pretty simple to install bulkhead fitting in drum once you know
the trick.


hole saw – sized to match your bulkhead fitting
half-round file
string with weight
wrenches or pliers

Step one is to drill the hole in the desired location on the drum. I drilled one slightly smaller than the diameter of the threads and then used a half-round file to open it to the correct size. The tighter the fit, the better off the whole project will be. Take your time.

Step two is to put a weight on the end of the string. I used a screw, a nut would work, so would a rock or pebble, pretty much anything.

Step three Lower the weight through the bung and then fish it out through the hole you cut in the side of the drum. I swung the weight until it landed near the hole.  If I would have wanted to, I could have kept swinging until it came out but I ddin’t want to take all day or film an internet video.  Once the weight is through the exit hole, thread the string through the fitting in the correct orientation.

Step four Without losing control of either end of the string, lower the bulkhead fitting into the drum. Use the string to move the fitting to the hole.

Step five With fingers or pliers, pull the bulkhead fitting into position

Step six Add the gasket, retaining nut and then tighten

Install Bulkhead fitting drum with hole showing bulkhead fitting bulkhead fitting in drum install bulkhead fitting tank discharge connection
String threaded through fitting fitting at bottom of drum fitting in position fitting with gasket fully installed fitting and valve

Let me know if you find the trick useful.

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