Timex Metal Watch Band Adjustment -Do It Yourself

Removing links from a Timex metal watch bracelet is key to adjusting the size.  In this post, I’ll show you how the Timex Metal Watch Band Adjustment is done. This is particular to the T257719J & T271919J series of watches like these.  The bracelet had no markings on it that I could find.   See the photo below:

I’ve used the same process on both of these watches. The only thing that changes is where the arrow is embossed on the metal watch band links. Please review this entire Timex metal watch band adjustment procedure, including the photos, once or twice before starting.  You might want to review my Casio procedure too.

Timex Metal Watch Band Adjustment


  • 1/32 inch screwdriver or pin punch Screwdriver set
  • #4 or #6 hex driver (any small, flat ended device) to push the pin in
  • Vice
  • Thick cloth to protect the Timex metal watch band from the vice jaws; (I used a cotton wash cloth)

Before starting, approximate how many links you need to remove.  In my case I could tell I needed at least 6 and possibly even 7 links out.  You want to take out the links evenly from each of the sides so that the clasp and watch stay centered on the wrist.  So in my wife’s case, that meant removing three metal watch bracelet links from each side of the watch.

1.       Remove a pin from the clasp.  Depress either end and then pivot it out of the clasp.  The pin is spring-loaded and will shoot out so be careful.  Set the pin aside so you don’t lose it.  Be careful not to lose it.  It is the leftmost pin in the below picture.  The blue arrows are aligned with arrow on the band and how the pins come out/go in.  The arrows need to be aligned. (The pin is upside down from how it came out of the timex metal watch band link in this photo)

This is necessary to allow you to put the Timex Metal watch band in the jaws of the vice.

2.      Wrap the bracelet in the cloth and carefully clamp it in the vice with the arrow on the bracelet facing down.  The arrow shows the direction to remove the pin.  Each link has two pins.  One pin is under the arrow, the other is parallel and adjacent to the arrow.  Remove the pin under the arrow.  The end of the pin that is aligned with the tip of the arrow appears as if it might be a screw.  It is not a screw.  The pin is more like a cotter pin than anything.  We will be pushing it out.


3.      Put the 1/32” screwdriver or pin punch in the end of the hole facing up.  Using the heel of the palm of your hand tap down to push the pin out.  Once it is free of the end, un-clamp it from the vice and carefully remove the pin and set it aside.  Re-clamp the Timex metal watch band and remove another pin in the same manner.  Set the link and pin aside. Note: you can try to remove the pins by simply using a firm downward pressure. I was able to remove two of four pins that way, but the other two didn’t want to budge and required the “tapping” described. You can see that I broke my 1/32″ screwdriver, but it is still very useful (if not better) for pushing out the watch band pins.


The photo on the right above gives you a size comparison of the timex metal watch bands (outside) and my Casio metal watch band.  This is a top view.

4.      NOTE: if removing links from both sides of the band, write down which end of the clasp goes on which side of the watch BEFORE removing them.  (I wrote down Timex to 12) The clasp comes set up for the watch to be worn on the left wrist.  If you want to wear it on your right wrist, you can swap the clasp ends on the bracelet.

Timex Metal Watch Band Adjustment -Re-assembly

1.      Align the clasp end with the bracelet and carefully insert the pin.  Round, closed end goes into the arrow tip. Gently push the pin in as far as it will go with your finger.  About 1/16” or 1mm will be sticking out.  Use the flat ended device to press it in.  The pin will “snap” into position.

2.      Repeat for the other end of the bracelet.

3.      Re-insert the pin and attach the end of the bracelet to the clasp.

I hope this was helpful to you performing a Timex metal watch band adjustment. Please let me know if it was helpful or not in the comments below. Please let me know if you have any question about doing a Timex metal watch band adjustment.

Here is a link to Timex’s international website.

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  • David Christy

    Thank you very much for the info. The manual that came with the watch claimed that the pins were screws, so I wasted a bunch of time trying to unscrew them before I found your site.

    • Dan

      I’m sort of surprised the manual was wrong. They’re usually right IF you can find them. Glad I could help.

  • Shirley Dehmer

    I bought a Timex Carriage watch and the band was too small. I calculate it to be about eight links short. I contacted Timex and purchased eight links. They sent me an entire band. I looked at your pictures and wasn’t able to find but two pins on my watch. One on each side of the watch case. My watch only stretches and does not have an overlapping catch. I don’t think I would have to remove the pins from both sides. What do I do after I remove the pin? Does it matter which side I remove? How do the links hook together? Is it a simple and obvious thing once you get the pin removed? I wonder if you have any idea how much it would cost me to have a jeweler do it for me??? I am rather mechanical minded even though I’m a female and I’ll bet that if I ever get the pins removed I will be able to figure it out. Maybe. Ha!

    • Dan

      remove an equal number from each side to keep the clasp in the same relative location. If you take all of them out on one side and none on the other, the clasp will be offset and likely uncomfortable.

      • Dan

        an alternative might be to use a pair of pliers. Preferable to use “Vise-grip” style or if you don’t have those use regular pliers held shut with some STRONG rubber bands. Set something heavy on the pliers to keep them still so you can work on the pins.

  • Shirley Dehmer

    I do not have a vice, so I guess it would be foolish for me to even try to remove the pin. I wouldn’t be able to remove it without losing it. No way to stabilize it and not enough hands to do the job.

  • beth

    THANK YOU!!!!! I got the Timex online since I couldn’t find what I wanted local and was stuck with at least 5 too many links. I used a tiny nail and hammer to start the pin out, then needle nose pliers to pull it. After that, I used the extra pin to push the others out.

  • Owen Hughes

    Just bought another Timex watch for my wife (it lasted 62 months) – two over the extended warranty, I reduced the length of her previous ones, but this model with expanding bracelet has no pins in the bracelet. How do I remove a few links and reconnect the bracelet again? Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

    • Dan

      Without a photo, no idea. Based on your description though, there may not be any metal watch band adjustment other than the expansion and contraction of the bracelet itself. Does it automatically expand and contract without any latches? If so, I don’t think it has any links to remove as the whole bracelet expands and contracts as a unit…

  • Charlie Partin

    The instructions that came with the watch said they were screws and I’d need a “very small screwdriver” and turn them counterclockwise. Whoever wrote the instructions obviously didn’t know what they were talking about and only looked at the pictures. They frustrated me and wasted my time. Once I knew they were pins it was easy and fast.

  • André

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. I bought a w91, lost an hour trying to remove the pins. I had other watches in the past with this type of bracelet, never had problems removing links. I will just returned the watch and buy another brand.

  • Frank

    Reviews on the watch said it was hard to re-size the watch band. Bought it anyway because girlfriend wanted that particular watch. Who am I to argue?
    Your directions were absolutely easy to follow and easy to do. (I’m semi mechanically inclined and had all the tools on hand)
    Thanks very much for your help!

  • Rhonda

    Thank you so much! My directions also said to get a “very small screwdriver” to take out the pins. I kept thinking.. this can’t be so hard and who has a screwdriver that small just laying around? Didn’t have the proper tool to punch them out so used a push pin from the bulletin board. Worked great!

  • Dana

    The head of a mechanical pencil (metal not plastic) fits into the hole perfectly and all you need to do is push down on it until the pin pops out.

  • Hey there,

    Great DIY post! Thanks so much for sharing. I will be linking to your post, as I am blogging at watches, and different watch brands. Keep up the good wealth of knowledge!
    watchbandShak recently posted..Citizen GN-4-S: Why Should You Invest in OneMy Profile

  • Nick

    Thanks, took me five minutes and wasn’t worried about breaking my new watch. Much appreciated

  • Andrew

    Worked out great!! Thanks for the help. I ended up using vise grips. didn’t need the cloth to prevent scratching I just clamped them on to the 2 links I was removing.

  • Bob

    Please, people. The spelling is “vise,” not “vice.” Vice refers to something completely different.

  • Micheal

    what kind of timex watch is this? indiglo?

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